Get A Life! Slim Solution

My name is Carien Bosman and I am 28 years old. All my life Iíve been on different diets. I would starve myself, and then eat like crazy! I though that if I didnít eat id lose weight! I did lose 3kg or so and then I would pick up 5kg the moment I started eating again! I told my husband that I would have to eat like a rabbit, nothing but salads! Now I really love my food & that did not appeal to me!

On 1 st September 2001 I weighed 81kg! By the end of November I weighed 68kg! What did I do? I started taking Get A Life! Slim Solution, and I realized my body needed the correct foods. Starving myself would make matters worse. I eat 3 meals a day with 2 healthy snacks in between, I do not have time to make myself special food and prepare something else for my husband so I eat less and eat healthier than before.

This December we did not eat healthy at all. I was so excited to see that I only picked up 1kg and lost it in the week after the holidays. During previous holidays I picked up between 4-6kgís and never managed to lose it again.

Get A Life! Slim Solution speeds up the weight loss process. This mild laxative really helps me! The product definitely curbs my appetite, Iíve got more energy and I feel great!

Slim Solution Testimonial

Hi, Im Christie Graham and Iím 19 years old. My weight problem started when I was about 13 with a ravenous appetite for chips and chocolates. By the age of 16 I weighed 60kg, which was quite a bit for a short person. I wasnít obese, just chubby. At 18 I got engaged! I was really excited about the wedding, but didnít want to look like a Yorkshire pudding on the big day.

3 months before my wedding I started taking Get A Life! Slim Solution , thinking it was probably too late. I ate healthy foods and cut out the junk and fatty foods. In those 3 months I lost 10kg and weighed 50kg on the big day. This is the only time in my life I have been able to loose so much. All I can say is a big thanks to Get A Life! Slim Solution, you really made my day!

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