Olive Leaf Extract

Mrs. Faye Germishuizen 26/2/03

Paging through the latest YOU magazine on 24/2/03 – I came across the advert for “Olive Leaf Extract” The reasons for recommending this product do not do it justice.

In 2000 I was diagnosed as an unusual rheumatoid arthritis patient. Unusual in the sense that the blood tests provided positive – but the Rheumatologist said I didn’t look like a R.A sufferer. However, he stabilized me on a course of cortisone, voltaren and +/- 4 other tablets, which I cannot remember. On top of this I was taking medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. At the same time I was having severe muscle pains in both arms. I went from one doctor to the next, specialist physicians and in desperation even consulted an iridologist – they all agreed on one thing – there was something very wrong with me, they even suspected viral infection – the coxsackie B virus? Candida? Nobody was sure. All this time I was becoming a pathetic woman, always in pain, losing weight and having terrible mood swings. Then a MD in Alberton took me off the rheumatologist medication, he suspected chemical imbalance. Although there was an improvement – my health was only restored by +/-15%. About six months ago, a homeopath recommended Herbal Wellness’ “Olive Leaf Extract” Tincture, I am now on my 4 th bottle and I feel 10 years younger, full of energy and I thank the Lord for leading someone, somewhere to the humble Olive Leaf which most definitely has proved to be a miracle in my life.

Oh yes another amazing thing, I am 57 years old – I have never been able to grow my nails, I had to be content with false nails – now – for the first time in my life my nails are growing. I don’t know about fighting colds thanks to the Olive Leaf Tincture my immune system is amazing, please don’t ever stop producing this wonderful extract.

As mentioned telephonically on 25/2/03 there are so many things that I know your product helped me with. Also there are many people who can confirm everything I have said about my health.

Mrs. Eve Parisi

I have worked with Faye for about 14 years and have noticed a marked improvement in her health in the last 5 or 6 months since she has taken these drops (Herbal Wellness Olive Leaf Extract Tincture). She complained of fatigue, aches and pains and this problem and that problem and went from specialist to specialist. There has been such a vast improvement that I am now starting to take the product myself.

Susan Kelly

I have seen a 100% improvement in Faye, having witnessed her feeling ill day after day and can confirm all she has said. Her recovery has persuaded me to try it out myself.

Mr. Lukas van den Heever 26 September 2005

I would like to congratulate you on an excellent product. At the beginning of winter this year I happen to come across your product at a Dischem Pharmacy – the sales rep was convincing so I decided to try.

Having two little girls and knowing what was in store with the winter ahead I was prepared to visit the doctor on a couple of occasions with sick children so I had nothing to lose.

Throughout the winter I used Olive Leaf Extract for my children, myself and my wife. The result was that we didn’t go to the doctor once for a cold, ‘flu or anything related!! This stuff really works!!

Since then, my father-in-law which has a serious lung disease started on your product and has improved dramatically. He in turn convinced his 85 year old mother to try it – another success story.

And so the story continues – my mother–in-law has convinced almost everybody at her work to start using the product and a couple of my colleagues have tried it as well. I haven’t heard of anything negative yet.

Olive Leaf Extract has found a permanent place in my home and many others!!

Wendy Wyeth 3 June 2005

I would just like to say that I have tried numerous tablets but still felt tired and run down. Winter is the worst time and I get a sore throat, chest pains and runny nose. I was then told about Olive Leaf Extract.

Just a day ago I was getting the winter ‘flu and bought a bottle on 30/5 and drank that evening and to my amazement the next morning I had no sore throat or chest pains. You hear people talk but don’t believe but let me tell you it is a miracle in a bottle. I feel wonderful and would recommend to anyone.

I have told friends about it and have bought three bottles so far from the chemist for them to try. What I find the best about this liquid is that it is all natural products and non harmful to the body. It is also very good for infections anywhere within the body.

Thanks again for creating such an amazing product.

I would also like to mention that my son Andrew(5 years) really has problems in winter with his chest and when I hear that little cough coming on I give him three drops in the evening for three days and you won’t believe that I don’t have a problem again. He seems to get this every time we have a season change as well but I don’t believe keeping him on allergy medicine is the best as his immune system doesn’t get the chance to fight back. Rather Olive Leaf to boost his system and thereafter let his system fight back on its own.

There are times when people take Olive Leaf that they get a bit sick but I have found that after that their system is boosted they feel 10 times healthier. Olive Leaf attacks the virus and the only way to get rid of it is to get it out your system first then comes the boost. I would recommend this even if you need to detoxify and to get rid of those nasty, lingering germs.

Thanks again…

Herbal Wellness note: Thank You so much – I’m sure you agree we didn’t create the product – God did that – we just prepare it the best way we know (He inspired that too) so it’s as effective as it was designed to be – just to keep the record straight.

My name is Terence Hedgecock. I’m a 47 year old mechanical design engineer with an interest in natural products, herbs and organic food. I aim to stay healthy, strong and active for a least another 30 years and so I avoid synthetic medicines, antibiotics and foods that I feel would compromise my body’s natural defenses and general health.

Usually once a year I fall prey to a cold which progresses to a cough and flu which up to now I have fought off with vitamins, a day or two in bed, and a concoction of vitamin C, lemon juice, honey and an aspirin in hot water. While not the perfect solution it has kept me off antibiotics for about 7 years, but after a bad dose of flu I’m left with a lingering cough and a lack of energy sometimes for months afterwards. This year (Feb 2002) I began to dose myself with Herbal Wellness Olive Leaf Extract. The next morning a longstanding conjunctivitis problem was gone and something was happening and my sinuses became clear. I stopped taking it a few months later I really came down with the flu, catching it from someone in the office, and started too late with Olive Leaf to prevent it, but after dosing myself for four days, 40 drops 4 times a day I had it beaten.

I never developed a cough and did not suffer the usual loss of energy as before. I definitely find Herbal Wellness Olive Leaf Extract works as a preventative and cure for me and if I had any “incurable” disease I would surely attack it with heavy doses of Herbal Wellness Olive Leaf Extract.

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